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June 03 2016

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Five Places to Go in Miami

Miami isn't just popular because of it's perfect weather and all the beaches. Miami also has a ton of things for visitors to do. You are on the right track if you are considering taking your children or your family to Miami to visit. The following are five excellent attractions that you should explore while you are there:

1. Zoo Miami

First let's take a look at family events. Your children will absolutely love visiting Zoo Miami and checking out all the cool animals. Along with the hundreds of animals, the zoo also has places to shop and places to dine. Zoo Miami still has fairly inexpensive tickets, and you can bring your two-year-old child there for free. 

2. Jungle Island

Jungle Island is yet another place that your children will enjoy wholeheartedly. Jungle Island has been around for more than 75 years providing visitors with access to animals, shows, education and a wealth of fun. Tickets for Jungle Island are more expensive than the tickets at the Zoo are, but the children can get an enhanced experience there. 

3. Dolphin Mall

If your family likes to shop, then you will love visiting Dolphin Mall. Dolphin Mall is one of the most popular shopping malls in Miami. The mall is just gorgeous, and it has stores for shopping for anything from shoes to smoothies. 

4. Club Space

Club Space is a four-star club that you may enjoy visiting if you appreciate the variety of watching different DJs each night. The club is a proud host of more than 30 different DJs that come in and electrify the crowds. You can order your tickets online for this club.

5. CVI.CHE 105

CVI.CHE 105 is an amazing place to eat if you are crazy about trying exotic foods. The restaurant offers a wide variety of foods such as Risotta Fillets, Tamales, Papas and more. The restaurant owner is from Peru, and he wants to share his cuisine with people when they visit Miami. 

Any of the previously mentioned places will be a good start to take your family when you visit Miami.
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